Taking advantage of international and cross-strait cooperation, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST) initiated the annual forum named “International Forum on Senior Care Science and Innovation(SCSI)” to provide a knowledge exchange and cooperation platform for scholars ,researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers from different disciplines and backgrounds, so as to promote senior service knowledge integration and collaborative innovation, and make a contribution to tackling the challenge of global demographic change. The forum is co-sponsored by BJAST,Beijing Active Ageing and Smart Service Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering and Beijing Science and Power New Technology Development corporation, and will be held every year.
Yang Shuo

Associate Researcher

Jim Roldan

CEO Linkcare

Qinghua Zhu

Professor, School of information management, Nanjing University

Meiyun Zuo


James Roacd

UK care Co.Ltd

Renato Peixoto Veras

Chihung Chi


Yu-Kai Huang

Ching-Yun Huang

The university of Minnesota, Dr